Serve Connecticut Resource Portal

Serve Connecticut Platforms for AmeriCorps Connecticut Subgrantees

Serve Connecticut Resource Portal
This website houses the AmeriCorps Connecticut Program Director Manual, which serves as the primary reference point for AmeriCorps Connecticut programs seeking guidance on Commission requirements and expectations.

Serve Connecticut Online Learning Center
This platform houses self-paced, online e-courses for current AmeriCorps Connecticut program staff as well as AmeriCorps State funding applicants. AmeriCorps Connecticut program staff are required to take a slate of Strong Start Orientation e-courses annually for two consecutive years; after that, program staff who have completed this requirement retain access to those e-courses for optional review purposes for the duration of their tenure. Additional e-courses and participation requirements may be added to this platform.

Serve Connecticut OnCorps Reporting Portal
This platform serves as the conduit for all AmeriCorps Connecticut program performance reporting and program financial reporting functions. All AmeriCorps Connecticut funding disbursements, for both cost-reimbursement and fixed amount, are generated out of this platform.

Other Online Reporting

No URL; see AmeriCorps Connecticut Program Director Manual.
Serve Connecticut uses the online survey platform, Jotforms, to collect additional reports, certifications, event registrations, surveys and other data from AmeriCorps Connecticut programs. A routinely updated listing of current/recurring usage forms is available in the AmeriCorps Connecticut Program Director Manual.

Serve Connecticut Basecamp
This platform is primarily used to provide AmeriCorps Connecticut program staff 24/7 online access to archived documents and announcements for use and reference. Additionally, the platform can be used by program staff to perform outreach to the AmeriCorps Connecticut program network via messaging functions. Note: Users can customize Basecamp notifications to their own preferences by using the guidance provided here.

Serve Connecticut Websites for External Use

Serve Connecticut Website (Serve Connecticut)
This is the primary functional website of Serve Connecticut, the Connecticut Commission on Community Service, targeted to help external users better understand and access the services of the Commission. All Commission social media traffic is directed here.

Connecticut Commission on Community Service Landing Page (Office of Higher Education)
This is a State of Connecticut government agency landing page which houses information relevant to the Commission’s role as a program housed within the state agency. It features Commission board make-up and meeting dates as well as links to AmeriCorps funding opportunities, AmeriCorps portfolio information, and national service partners.

AmeriCorps, the Agency

Guidance for All AmeriCorps Grant Recipients
A convenient clearinghouse of resources needed to effectively manage your grant, including eGrants instructions, terms and conditions, individual match waiver, pre-award requirements, financial reporting requirements, and training and technical assistance. Note that Serve Connecticut may have its own guidance regarding the topic you are searching, so be sure to refer to the AmeriCorps Connecticut Program Director Manual and/or check in with Commission staff to verify your understanding before taking action.

Guidance for AmeriCorps State Subgrantees
Scroll down to “Resources for state subgrantees” to then “Select an action” from the dropdown menu to narrow your search for your targeted resources. Note that Serve Connecticut may have its own guidance regarding the topic you are searching, so be sure to refer to the AmeriCorps Connecticut Program Director Manual and/or check in with Commission staff to verify your understanding before taking action.

America’s Service Commissions (ASC) Program Membership

America’s Service Commissions
Serve Connecticut provides AmeriCorps Connecticut programs with a State Service Partner Membership in America’s Service Commissions (ASC). We strongly encourage AmeriCorps Connecticut programs to take advantage of all benefits associated with ASC membership, including the following:
• Quarterly AmeriCorps professional development webinars relevant to managing AmeriCorps programs
• AmeriCorps Program Start Up Webinar Series, 10-part series on core elements of AmeriCorps grant management
• Timely public policy updates related to national service legislation and funding
• Access to the AmeriCorps Member Assistance Program
• Online learning community for AmeriCorps programs to share best practices
• Ability to promote organizational employment opportunities on ASC Service Job Board
• Nominate individuals and organizations for ASC recognition programming
• Representation on national service issues
• Ability to advertise organizational training and consulting services
• Subscription to quarterly electronic newsletter highlighting developments and emerging practices in the national service field