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Prohibited Activities

While charging time to the AmeriCorps program, accumulating service or training hours, or otherwise performing activities supported by the AmeriCorps program or CNCS, staff and members may not engage in prohibited activities. To see the full list click below.

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Reasonable Accomodations

A reasonable accommodation is any adjustment or modification in a service position that enables a qualified person with a disability to receive an equitable service opportunity and/or experience. Any program receiving federal funding has a legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodations. To learn about disability inclusion and reasonable accommodations for members click below

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National Criminal History Check Policy

A required element of the AmeriCorps member selection process all AmeriCorps programs must perform is to conduct criminal history checks on all members prior to the start of their service. To learn more about the checks required and ineligibility for service click below.

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Fundraising Policy

AmeriCorps members are not, typically, permitted to support their organizations with major fundraising efforts. They can, however, do some fundraising activities, as long as they do not spend more than 10% of their total hour commitment on such activities. To see the type of activities that are approved click below.

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National Service Trust
AmeriCorps members receive valuable educational benefits for their service to communities across the country. To learn more about the National Service Trust and Segal AmeriCorps Education Award click below.

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Nonduplication and Nondisplacement

Nonduplication - AmeriCorps funding can not be used to duplicate an activity that is already available in the locality of a program.

Nondisplacement- An employer may not displace an employee or position, including partial displacement such as reduction in hours, wages, or employment benefits, as a result of the use by such employer of an AmeriCorps member.

Grievance Policy

AmeriCorps programs have a grievance procedure to resolve disputes concerning the member’s suspension, dismissal, service evaluation or proposed service assignment. To learn more about this click below.

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Learn about national service events and activities happening across the state.

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