Communication Policy

Program Communication Policy

CCCS recognizes the AmeriCorps Program Director as the main point of contact for its AmeriCorps grants. Although individual organizations may assign different job titles to this individual, for the purposes of this policy and as stipulated in the Grantee Contract, CCCS defines the “AmeriCorps Program Director” as the individual whose role is to run the awarded AmeriCorps grant.

  • CCCS will address all operational communication (conducted via phone, email, mail) regarding the AmeriCorps grant to the AmeriCorps Program Director.
  • Should grantee organization staff other than the AmeriCorps Program Director need to be advised of CCCS communications, it is the responsibility of the AmeriCorps Program Director to forward CCCS communications to the appropriate staff internally (i.e., forwarding an email regarding financial reporting to the organization’s finance director).
  • CCCS expects that the AmeriCorps Program Director will be the individual who follows up with other program staff on any required internal action and then responds directly to CCCS communications.

This policy helps to ensure clear communication between CCCS and the AmeriCorps program by preventing confusion caused by multiple streams of information exchanged between multiple staff. All operational AmeriCorps program communication with CCCS must funnel through the AmeriCorps Program Director.

CCCS may occasionally include other grantee organization leadership or staff in other kinds of non-operational communications as appropriate (i.e. invitations to statewide events, training/technical assistance, AmeriCorps awareness and opportunities, etc.).