Graduation Policy

Requested Attendance at AmeriCorps Program Year-end Events Policy

Due to the numerous requests to attend end-of-year events hosted by our programs, the Commission promotes the following policy to ensure efficiency and appropriate coverage for all AmeriCorps*State graduation/culmination events.

Objective: To ensure efficiency and appropriate coverage at all AmeriCorps*State graduation/culmination events.

Frequency:  Annual

Mode:  Please send one (1) invitation to the Commission office for the event. It should be addressed to the Executive Director. Invitations must be received as early as possible, but no less than 30 days prior to the date of the event. It must also include level of expected participation (e.g. attendance only, provide remarks, participate on the dais, etc.).

Address to:

Jacqueline M. Johnson, Executive Director
Connecticut Commission on Community Service
Connecticut Office of Higher Education
New suite number: 450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 707
Hartford, Connecticut 06103
New email:


Distribution:  One (1) invitation/request to the commission office. Do not send individual invitations to commission staff. Invitations to commission members should be mailed individually. Please contact commission office for current list and contact information for commission members.

Staff Responsibilities:  The Executive Director will RSVP to the request and indicate who will represent the Commission at the event.

Logistics:  Updates, additional information, etc. should be sent to the attention of the person who will represent the Commission at the event.