Information and Media Policy

In an effort to reinforce the branding of the AmeriCorps network and all its applications, special attention is being paid to ensuring all sub-grantees consistently identify as AmeriCorps programs. The Commission employs a search-engine alert system to monitor sub-grantee press, media, recruitment and Information for identification with the AmeriCorps brand.

Please refer to the following section of your program grant contract:

 Part VI. Special Terms and Conditions of Grant Agreement:

  1. The Grantee shall identify the program as an AmeriCorps program and members as AmeriCorps members. All partnership agreements, MOU/MOA, Host Site Agreements, etc. related to the AmeriCorps program must explicitly state that the program is “an AmeriCorps program” and AmeriCorps members are the resource being provided.
  2. AmeriCorps is a registered service mark of CNCS. CNCS provides a camera-ready logo. All Grantee websites shall clearly state that they are an AmeriCorps grantee and shall prominently display the AmeriCorps logo. Grantees shall use the AmeriCorps name and logo on service gear and public materials such as stationery, application forms, recruitment brochures, on-line position postings or other recruitment materials, orientation materials, member curriculum materials, signs, banners, press releases and Information related to their AmeriCorps program in accordance with CNCS requirements.

If a communication piece does not include “AmeriCorps” and/or the AmeriCorps logo, a penalty of $1,000 will be levied against the AmeriCorps grant.

The program director and legal applicant will be notified of each occurrence within seven (7) days of the aberrant publication or media article.