Report Submission Policy

  1. The dates for submission of reports to the State Commission office and the Corporation for National and Community Service are included in the grant agreement. By signing the grant agreement, sub-grantees acknowledge receipt of the due dates for all required reports. The timeline for submitting reports to the State Commission office provides enough time for resubmission in the event there is an error in report.


  1. The Grants Officer and Program Officer will monitor the submission of all sub-grantee reports compliance with their due dates. The sub-grantee’s reports will be date stamped by CCCS upon receipt.


  1. All reports will be reviewed for accuracy and content. Appropriate feedback will be provided in writing. Responses will be required if necessary.


  1. For programs submitting reports after the submission date without prior approval:

First Offense

CCCS will notify the Program Director in writing and make arrangements for immediate submission of the report. The offense will be officially documented in the program file.

Second Offense

The CCCS will notify in writing the legal entity for the sub-grantee and/or the supervisor in charge of the program director, with copy to the program director. The program file will be documented and a copy of the letter placed in the file. The letter will also include consequences such as suspension/reduction of grant funding, as determined by Commission staff.

Third Offense

A third offense will be considered with great severity. A corrective action plan will be required from the program in order to receive continued funding. The correction action plan will be shared with all Commission members and Commission staff, the legal applicant’s board of directors and program staff. Non-adherence to the corrective action plan will result in termination of the program.