Member Position Posting

Member Position Postings in

The Connecticut Commission on Community Service has always highly encouraged the use of the My AmeriCorps Portal,, as a part of an AmeriCorps*Connecticut program’s member position promotion and recruitment strategy.

Effective beginning with the 2018-2019 program year, CNCS is requiring that AmeriCorps programs must post all member position descriptions for which they are recruiting in the My AmeriCorps Portal by creating “Service Opportunity Listings” on

A centralized recruitment platform will be helpful with AmeriCorps State and National recruitment because all potential AmeriCorps applicants will be able to view all service opportunities in one location.

Additional resources about creating Service Opportunity Listings and use of the online recruitment system can be found at:

See 2018.02 AmeriCorps State and National – Changes in the Enrollment Process to Facilitate SSN and Citizenship Verification and Promote Criminal History Check Compliance and Posting Member Opportunities on CNCS Recruitment Website, May 30, 2018.