Training and Technical Support

The Commission pays keen attention to the following priorities and delivers training and technical assistance to increase program performance in these areas:

  • Program compliance with grant regulations,
  • Program and program staff effectiveness, and
  • Program capacity to conduct substantive evaluation.

Your CCCS Program Officer will provide you with a calendar of trainings and events for your Program Directors, Staff and members to attend as appropriate throughout the program year, as well as timely notification of any other relevant opportunities and requirements as they occur.

In order to ensure that you have the tools for success, the Commission provides required events, trainings, conference calls, and/or workshops. In addition to enhancing your program’s ability to be successful in the areas mentioned above, thereby more effectively guiding members throughout their AmeriCorps experience, CCCS Program Staff trainings and events provide an opportunity for your program to connect with AmeriCorps*State program staff and others from the National Service network.

Serve Connecticut Online Learning Center

We have an online training center to support the training of program and financial directors managing AmeriCorps programs in Connecticut. Individuals are auto-enrolled in a learning plan to match their role and responsibilities.