Grant Agreement

Understanding Your Grant Agreement

The grant agreement (or grantee contract or memorandum of agreement) is a legally binding contract that establishes your program’s relationship with the Connecticut Commission on Community Service. A new grant agreement is signed each year, after your program has been approved for new or continued CNCS funding. It is the most essential document for your AmeriCorps program. It includes the approved budget, total MSYs and outlines rules, regulations, and key requirements (deliverables) for the program year. Program Directors and key staff persons should become familiar with the full grant agreement.

The deliverables contained within your grant agreement list the major reporting requirements for the current program year. The list provides a brief description of each item and includes to which Commission staff the report is to be submitted. Commission staff will provide further details and guidance during Program Director trainings or through e-mail and phone conversations. However, the deliverables are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all CCCS and CNCS requirements. As stated in the grant agreement, there may be additional requirements set forth by the CCCS or CNCS at any time during the program year. Program Directors are responsible for meeting all requirements. Should you have questions about the grant agreement please contact your CCCS Grants or Program Officers.

Program Amendments

Program amendments are defined as mid-year program changes (direct or indirect) that alter the scope, objectives or goals of the program, whether or not they involve budgetary changes. Program amendments also include the change(s) that impact your program’s performance measures, involve a turnover or extended absence or time reduction (45 CFR§2543.25) in a management/supervisory staff position, as outlined in your grant agreement. These changes must be reported to the CCCS Program Officer in writing according to the reporting requirements listed in Table 1: Program Amendment Reporting.

Any program considering making changes that will impact their grant-approved performance measures should consult with their CCCS Program Officer well in advance. Appendix A-Performance Measure Amendment Request Sample should be used as a template to request a program performance measure amendment. The letter or email must be sent to the CCCS Program Officer before the end of the second quarter of the program year.

Note: Any changes to the program scope, objective or performance measures must be approved by CCCS. Programs should not consider any request granted until written notification is provided.

Table 1: Program Amendment Reporting

Program Amendment Reporting Requirement
Performance Measures Submit Serve Connecticut Performance Measure Amendment Prescreen Form to CCCS Program Officer.
Change in Scope /

Objective of the Program

Submit Serve Connecticut Performance Measure Amendment Prescreen Form to CCCS Program Officer.
Staff Turnover/


Letter/E-mail to CCCS Executive Director and CCCS Program Officer within 10 days of the expected change.

Amendments Documents

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